Premier Roger Cook has just held a press conference and addressed an exclusive report we brought you on Friday about how Floreat double-murderer Mark Bombara had a 10-centimetre cyst in his brain that medical staff treating him said was making him increasingly aggressive.

“If that [medical] team knew they were sending someone home to 13 guns, with a cyst that large and displaying that behaviour … there would have been a discussion with police,” a health worker, who spoke on the condition on anonymity said.


However, Cook has claimed medical staff are already empowered to report dangerous patients to police.

“If a health professional believes that a patient in front of them is either a danger to themselves, or a danger to someone else, that they must inform the police, and that’s always been the case, they obviously balance that out with the needs of that patient’s privacy,” he said.

“It’s not a question of whether they’ve got guns or not, it’s a question of whether they present in an emotional or cognitive state which suggests they may be a danger to themselves, or a danger to someone else; and, on [that basis], they inform the police and then the police take the inquiries forward.”

The health worker hoped speaking out about Bombara’s health condition would improve communication between agencies when it came to people suffering from acquired brain injuries.