All About The New ATM Fraud And How It Traps Cards

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Three men in Delhi were last week arrested for allegedly tampering with ATM machines for duping people.

According to police, they used to damage card reader slots in ATMs so that when someone puts their card in, it gets stuck there. 

How New ATM Fraud Works?

  • Fraudsters tamper with ATM machines by removing the card reader.

  • This causes the customers’ cards to get stuck inside the ATM when they try to withdraw money.

  • Scammers offer to help, by asking them to enter their PIN number, claiming it will fix the issue.

  • When the PIN doesn’t work, they convince the victim to report the problem to their bank.

  • Once the victim leaves, the scammers retrieve the card from the machine and withdraw money.

How To Protect Yourself From ATM Frauds:

  • Always inspect the ATM machine carefully before using it. Check for any signs of tampering, such as loose or damaged parts, and unusual devices or wires.
  • Always shield the keypad while entering your ATM PIN. This will prevent any hidden cameras from recording the keystrokes.
  • Use ATM machines that are inside bank branches or under surveillance cameras.
  • You should regularly check bank statements and transaction history to ensure all transactions are genuine.
  • Get regular SMS alerts to avoid fraudulent transactions.