Despite living in a world of distributed computing and communication systems, robust on-premises telephony/PBX services remain essential. Anyone who’s tried to conduct an important professional call with a choppy Zoom connection or mobile network signal knows this all too well.

Critical industries such as emergency services, healthcare, hospitals, energy, utilities, and transport cannot afford even a second of downtime. While the 99.99 percent uptime offered by most major cloud services sounds impressive for mobile games or ecommerce, downtime in these sectors can mean the difference between normal operations and disaster.

These industries need telephony and unified communications (UC) systems that not only promise always-on availability but also integrate seamlessly with existing systems and processes.

NEC has been one of the most reliable providers of telephony communications for critical industries. However, with NEC recently announcing its exit from the on-premises telephony market, its customers are now actively seeking alternative providers.

At Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise (ALE), we’re proud of our history in mission-critical sectors and the positive impact we’ve had on livelihoods and lives. ‘Always on’ is in our DNA, and our channel partner framework delivers and supports our top-tier solutions for end users and customers.

Our flagship product, the Digital Age Communications (DAC) solution suite, combines on-premises communication and collaboration with cloud-based solutions. This ensures organizations are available 24/7/365, providing a competitive edge and exceeding both employee and customer expectations in our increasingly mobile world. These services are vital for regular operations and crucial during crisis situations.

The DAC solution suite includes features and platforms such as mission-critical telephony, unified communications, conferencing, Internet of Things (IoT) frameworks, artificial intelligence, and cloud collaboration.

Accessible Anywhere

Some providers and vendors advocate for cloud-only solutions. However, in mission-critical sectors, on-premises operations remain vital, and ALE remains committed to this area.

That doesn’t mean ALE hasn’t rigorously tested the cloud for all it can offer. We deliver cloud solutions to our channel partners and customers as well. ALE provides a full suite of communications and collaboration solutions that can be adopted on-premises, fully in the cloud, or in a hybrid mode. This ensures the same features and functions throughout, enabling any setup or migration as companies undergo their transformation stages.

Digital transformation is about integrating the best of all worlds—cloud, on-premises, and hybrid—to deliver an end-to-end communications solution tailored to the unique demands of mission critical industry. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise’s proven track record in healthcare, emergency services, energy & utilities, and hospitality across Australia and New Zealand (and globally) means these industries are our most dedicated evangelists.

The time for digital transformation is now. The first step is to engage a reputable partner to design an end-to-end solution so you can reap the benefits of each component of mission-critical communication, collaboration, and applications. The overall advantages include:

  • Working with a vendor who understands the importance of always-on communications.
  • The assurance of a vendor committed to delivering solutions that suit critical organization’s needs, whether on-premises, fully cloud, or hybrid.
  • The ability to transition organizations at their own pace, supported by flexible commercial business models.
  • Partnering with a best-of-breed vendor who understands industry’s needs and has a proven track record with thousands of customers worldwide, trusting ALE’s commitment and capability to innovate and pivot for success now and in the future.

To achieve the above (and more), integration and services partners are needed who can streamline the entire approach. Many vendors in the market offer partial solutions with their own protocols and standards, which don’t always integrate with solutions and applications from other companies. By engaging ALE and our network of ALE Business Partners who understand the complexity of the mission critical industries, means we’ve done the API programming and challenging systems integrations before, ensuring the DAC solution will make your digital transformation journey easier straight out of the box.

Moreover, ALE and our Business Partners understand how circumstances and business needs change, so new services or platforms might need to be onboarded quickly and efficiently in the future. Your communications solution needs to be robust and flexible, ensuring you aren’t locked out of existing systems and processes without lengthy (and expensive) reprogramming or integration services.

To support customers on their digital transformation journey, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise provides NEC Partners (and other interested partners) with free, no-obligation consultation workshops and training to get you started. Visit [HERE] to learn more.