One of the standout events attended by CRN Australia so far this year was an exclusive N-able event taking IT business owners through proven ways to reach the $3 million mark.

Earlier this year, approximately 30 channel partners were treated to two days of highly-targeted advice and data about operational efficiency, with sessions unpacking benchmarking data.

Next, 40 participants had two days to learn how to grow their revenue to $3 million. These sessions unpacked everything from service and operating models to market opportunities, go-to-market and organisational models. The venue was the stunning Hydro Majestic in the NSW Blue Mountains.

The advice came from people with plenty of experience in MSP’s shoes and working with MSPs – including N-able’s Chris Massey, MSP Advisor’s Brian Cerny, and Oxygen IT’s Timothy Clarkson.

The sessions featured metrics about N-able’s partner base, which provided a useful reality check on common assumptions. This included data about the growth drivers for N-able’s “overachievers”.

Data about the compounding impact of prices increases was particularly eye opening.

For MSPs that struggle with strategy, the sessions provided a clear framework for how to think about growth, underpinned by real-world numbers and actionable steps.

It was also an opportunity to learn from fellow partners in the same revenue bracket.

“An event that will make you look at a part of your business that other events don’t. It leaves you with actions to take back to your business. All this is enhanced by having peers of differing business maturity who can all learn from each others’ strengths/weaknesses,” one previous attendee said.

N-able’s 2024 Inform events are coming up in Sydney and Melbourne. Stay tuned for more information.