ConnectWise this week unveiled Security360, an offering that acts as “a command centre for all things security” by consolidating and standardising security data from tools, which provides an overview of customers’ attack surfaces.

“The only way to stay ahead of the bad actors is to streamline how we monitor and manage the security tools,” said Ameer Karim, executive vice president and general manager of cybersecurity and data protection at Tampa, Fla.-based software vendor ConnectWise. “And when it comes to IT security, relying on too many tools can be a recipe for disaster.”

Karim unveiled the new offering at ConnectWise’s IT Nation Secure in Orlando, Fla., this week.

With Security360, MSPs can aggregate data from disparate security tools such as endpoint detection and response, risk management, vulnerability and patch management, SIEM, compliance and remote management. Those inputs then formulate an MSP Security Score, which communicates the risk exposure across customer environments. The tool also allows MSPs to visualise the effectiveness of their security services and pinpoint issues that require immediate attention.

“Cybersecurity companies are trying to address security challenges with point solutions, yet adding another tool to manage won’t make anything easier,” Karim said. “Another problem is trying to make sense of each tool and how it relates to each other. Although each tool might have similarities, none of it is easy to understand. How do you know which tool is doing its job in truly helping improve your customers’ security posture?”

Security360 is built on ConnectWise’s Asio platform, which provides scalability, intelligent automation, reporting and insight.

“Security360 will become your single source of truth for all things cyber, unifying the entire experience into one beautiful experience,” he said. “Aggregate, correlate and normalize the data across different sources, different vendors and tools, making it easy to take action via automated workflows.”

Security360 delivers holistic protection by unifying entire security tech stacks and minimising customers’ risk exposure via expediting time-to-remediation and enhancing productivity. The offering will be available for early access in July.

Peter Melby, CEO of Denver-based New Charter Technologies, said any tool that brings everything together “to simplify our world as MSPs, you can have our money,”

“We still want to make our decisions about a lot of those things, so the ability to aggregate information and pull things together, not just what they offer but also what other vendors offer, is really important for us,” he told CRN US.

ConnectWise also unveiled ConnectWise Sidekick for Security, an AI-powered digital assistant designed to elevate cybersecurity measures. MSPs can improve security posture visibility, gain security ticket assistance, discover threat intelligence trends and simplify response action.

Sidekick for Security comes after ConnectWise Sidekick, an AI companion designed for faster problem resolution, automation of complex tasks and increased efficiency, was unveiled at ConnectWise IT Nation in 2023. Sidekick leverages ConnectWise’s generative AI models and large language models to automate tasks such as generating PowerShell scripts, ticket categorization, summarisation, and providing resolutions and automated responses to end users.

“Sidekick was our response to partners wanting to do more, getting an extra pair of digital hands and leveraging the tools in their business,” Karim said. “Sidekick for Security can be activated from anywhere in Asio, Microsoft Teams and even Microsoft Copilot. It’s easy to pull it up with simple language and start asking questions like, ‘What’s my security score? Summarize my vulnerabilities,’ and much more.”