CEO of Melbourne ISV Zetaris releases single on Spotify

The Silos’cover art on Spotify.

Founder and CEO of Melbourne ISV Zetaris, Vinay Samuel, has released his band’s self-titled debut single “Silo” on Spotify.


Samuel plays lead guitar in the Australian rock band The Silos, along with singer Jason Demillo and drummer Glyn Davis. 


The single’s lyrics “delve into the intricate dynamics of interpersonal connections and draw inspiration from each of their diverse experiences, offering a unique perspective on the human condition,” Zetaris said.


“Music has always been a creative outlet for me. It helps me achieve a better work-life balance, as I split my time working between the United States and Australia as we scale Zetaris,” Samuel said. 


Vinay Samuel, Zetaris


He started his music career playing guitar in the Rip It Up Band in 2000, which has become a popular cover band playing in bars and clubs across Melbourne and Sydney.


Samuel believes music is code and that his two passions are complimentary.


“It is identical whether I am working on creating new technology or a new song. I have to problem solve,” he said.


“The song is a code, what notes, what beat, what compilation. I must bring the disparate parts together to make something cohesive and both take focus and patience. Both also require collaboration and team work.”


“I’ve met so many business executives who are secret musos. I guess, some folks play golf and others like to make noise.”


Mircosoft, Google Cloud and Amazon Web Service partner Zetrais offers data management and analytics services in addition to data management platform Zetaris AI Hub.


In 2020, the firm gained access to nine new markets by winning Ingram Micro’s Cloud Comet Competition and securing a strategic partnership with the distributor to vend its data platform software to banks, telcos and international government agencies.