Brisbane-headquartered managed security service provider Emantra has launched a cybersecurity compliance offering aimed at smaller government agencies.

CyberStart aims to assist agencies in becoming compliant with national cybersecurity standards and achieving the goals of the Department of Home Affairs’ 2023-2030 Australian Cyber Security Strategy, Emantra said.

The solution aims to address the unique challenges faced by smaller government agencies that may lack the resources and expertise necessary to tackle sophisticated cyber threats.

Home Affairs has certified Emantra’s capabilities to its highest level under the Hosting Certification Framework for the provision of Government Cloud services.

“Smaller agencies play a critical role in our national infrastructure, yet they face disproportionate challenges in cybersecurity,” said Ross Dewar, CEO of Emantra.

“With CyberStart, we are levelling the playing field. Our product not only simplifies the path to compliance but also provides a robust cybersecurity framework that’s affordable and easy to implement.”

CyberStart offers two tiers of service. Tier one provides fundamental cybersecurity services designed for agencies with minimal existing infrastructure or expertise, while tier two offers enhanced tools and strategies for cybersecurity.

CyberStart combines automated cyber tools with the support of a 24×7 Australian security operations centre.

“By equipping agencies with CyberStart, we’re not just helping them meet regulatory requirements; we’re empowering them to contribute to Australia’s reputation as a global leader in cybersecurity by 2030,” said Dewar.

“CyberStart democratises access to state-of-the-art cybersecurity technologies and expert support, enabling these agencies to not only meet fundamental compliance requirements but also to advance toward becoming part of a nationally secure digital landscape.”

Emantra’s CyberStart is available direct through the company and is currently being loaded onto government procurement panels such as BuyICT and LocalBuy.