Matt Garman is now officially Amazon Web Services’ new CEO, effective Monday.

The longtime AWS veteran is hitting the ground running, unveiling several leadership changes and new organisations aimed at accelerating the US$100 billion cloud giant even further as former CEO Adam Selipsky departs.

Some of the major changes including combining AWS’ Worldwide Specialist Organisation into its Channels and Alliances Organisation, putting AWS’ Global Sales Organisation under one leader and not finding a replacement for Garman’s previous role.

“I am more optimistic than I have ever been for the potential and growth ahead of us and believe these changes will best position us for long-term success,” said Garman, an 18-year AWS veteran, in a recent message to employees.

After 15 years at AWS, including the past three years as CEO, Selipsky left the company on June 3.

Here are several key leadership structural changes Garman has implemented.

Ruba Borno to lead new channel and alliances organisation

AWS’ Channels and Alliances team will absorb the company’s Worldwide Specialist Organisation.

“Our Channels and Alliances team helps build better connections between our global partners and our customers, and our WW [Worldwide] Specialist Organisation is the glue that connects our service teams to our customers,” said Garman. “Ruba Borno will lead this new combined organisation, with Jon Jones [vice president of go-to-market for AWS products and services] and his team moving to report to Ruba.”

Borno is head of AWS’ Worldwide Channels and Alliances Organisation.

AWS Global Sales Organisation is now under Greg Pearson

Under Garman, AWS will further integrate its global sales organisations under Greg Pearson, vice president of AWS Global Sales.

“[AWS is] bringing together AWS global Sales, worldwide public sector, the Greater China Region, and sales strategy and operations,” Garman said.

Dave Levy, vice president of worldwide public sector; Robert Chu, president of AWS in Greater China; Peter Cray, vice president of strategy and operations for AWS sales, marketing and global services; along with all of their respective teams, will now report to Pearson.

GenAI pursuits business joins AWS industries organisation

Kathrin Renz will continue to lead AWS’ Industries Organisation, focusing on bringing industry solutions to customers.

Scott Rosecrans, vice president of GenAI Pursuits, and his generative AI team will move to join Rosecrans’ Industries Organisation.

Uwem Ukpong to expand scope by taking on sovereign cloud

Uwem Ukpong, vice president of global services at AWS, will continue to lead the Global Services Organisation.

However, Ukpong will be expanding his scope by also taking on AWS’ Sovereign Cloud team led by Max Peterson, and the International Product Management teams led by Ryan Mackle.

No replacement for Garman’s former role

Before taking over AWS as CEO, Garman was previously senior vice president of AWS sales, marketing and global services.

He said his leadership role inside that organization will not be refilled.

“We have a very strong leadership team in SMGS [Sales Marketing and Global Services], and I am not directly replacing my current role, which will help us continue to move faster by being closer to the customer,” Garman said.

Here’s who will report to Garman

In addition to Pearson, Borno, Ukpong and Renz, Garman said the following executives will be reporting to him:

  • Elizabeth Baker, vice president of private pricing at AWS
  • Raejeanne Skillern, vice president and CMO
  • Peter DeSantis, senior vice president of Utility Computing Products
  • Prasad Kalyanaraman, vice president of AWS Infrastructure Services
  • Colleen Aubrey, senior vice president of AWS Solutions
  • Werner Vogels, vice president and CTO
  • Laura Grit, vice president and distinguished engineer

“I want to thank all these leaders for continuing to drive the evolution of our transformation to better serve customers and improve agility and collaboration between teams,” Garman said.