Trek to the Peak of Agumbe Narasimha Parvata

Peak of Agumbe Narasimha Parvata

Known as the Cherrapunji of South India, Agumbe receives the most rainfall in the south. The area is renowned for its rainforest conservation and is home to medicinal plants.  The renowned peak of Agumbe is about 13 km away from the base camp at Mallandur.

Route 3

Agumbe Ghat 01

Route 3 of Agumbe Narasimhas Parvata is a difficult trek that entails climbing a mountain and crossing a river. It is an 8-kilometer trek that ends at Barkana Falls, the tenth highest waterfall in India. From Barkana Falls, you can trek to the peak of Narasimha Parvatha, which is 850 feet high. The route also takes you through the vast undulating grasslands of Agumbe.

The trek to Narasimha Parvatha requires registration at the police station in Agumbe, Karnataka. It is a demanding trek through thick forest and grassland. As there are no signboards en route, you will need a guide to help you navigate through the terrain. Luckily, there are guides in Malandur who are willing to help you navigate the route.

Trekking in Agumbe is an excellent experience for nature lovers. The path winds through grassy hills carved out by the Sita River and offer a misty panoramic view. Once you reach the summit, the trek lasts for about five hours. It is recommended to hire a guide, especially if you are not used to trekking and are not confident about your hiking abilities.

2. Krishna Raja Sagara Dam

Agumbe Ghat 02

Route 3 of Agumbe Narasimhamsa Parvatha is a demanding trek that will test your endurance. The trek starts with a one-kilometer walk through a beautiful stream. Once you reach the top, you’ll come across rocky terrain and muddy paths. The route also passes a waterfall. The journey takes you to the tenth highest waterfall in India.

Route 3 of Agumbe Narasimhamsa Parvata is the most popular and well-known of the three. The area is close to the Kudremukh National Park and Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary. If you’re interested in exploring the wildlife, you may want to visit Agumbe. The city has many homestays and hotels.

Moderate difficulty

One of the most scenic summits in Agumbe ghats is the Narsimha Parvatha, which is 1,150 meters above sea level. The trek starts from Kinga Temple and takes you through small streams and excellent trails to the peak. Once you reach the top, you will be rewarded with a breathtaking view of the surrounding countryside.

The route takes you through grassy hills and the Sita river, carving out a misty panoramic view. It also takes you to the top of Agumbe, where you will have a spectacular view of the surrounding area. This trek requires about 1.5 to 3 hours to complete.

If you’re looking for a challenging but beautiful trek, consider the moderate difficulty of the Agumbe Narasimha Parvatha. This trek is a long one, and you may be greeted with snakes and king cobras on the way up.

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The Narasimha Parvatha trek consists of three sections, with the first section being an easy one-kilometer trek. The second section takes you through rocky and muddy terrain. The third section starts with an easy climb of about 6 km.

The Agumbe Narasimha Parvatha is a popular Western Ghats trek in Karnataka. It is also a wildlife photographers’ paradise. Two different trekking routes are available to reach the peak, including the Mallandur route and the Narasimha Parvatha trek.

If you’re fit and don’t mind a moderate difficulty level, you can try the Agumbe Narasimha Parvatha trek from Kinga, which is six kilometers north of Sringeri. The trail is well-marked, but you’ll need to seek permission from a forest officer. This trek requires a guide and transportation.

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Barkana Falls

Agumbe Ghat 07

Barkana Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in India. They are located in the Shivamogga district, about 98 km north of Mangaluru and 357 km north of Bengaluru. The nearest major railway station is Udupi, which is about 94 km away. This town is also home to two temples: the Gopala Krishna Temple and the Sringeri Sharadamba Temple.

The journey to the waterfall includes an eight-kilometer trek through dense forests and windy grasslands. During the trek, you will get to view the Barkana Falls from its snout. This waterfall is situated near the Rishyashringa temple in Kinga.

Once you reach Agumbe, you can visit the Sirimane Falls and Barkana Falls en route. This is one of the best destinations for trekking in Karnataka. If you’re interested in mountaineering, you can reach Agumbe via Sringeri, Agumbe, or Udupi. This trekking destination is located at a high elevation of 3780 feet, and it’s considered one of the state’s moderate to difficult treks.

Agumbe Ghat 05

While trekking through Agumbe, you can also hike to the Narasimha Parvatha peak. This peak is the tallest in the Agumbe Ghats at 826 meters. To reach the peak, you must hike through thick forests and Western Ghats trees. The peaks of the peak are covered in grazing fields, while the slopes are covered in thick forests.

Agumbe is a high-altitude village in Karnataka. The area is known as the Cherrapunji of the South, and it is home to many medicinal plants and a Rainforest Research Station. This region is also one of the rainiest areas in India, with the highest waterfall at 3800 feet.

While trekking the Agumbe Narasimha Parvatha, it is recommended that you bring enough money with you. The road is difficult and not signposted, so you’ll need a guide. A pay bottle and purification tablets are essential. The nearest health care facilities are in Mallandur and Kinga.

Places to visit in Agumbe

Agumbe Ghat 05

Agumbe is home to the highest peak in the region, the 3,772 ft-high Narasimha Parvatha. To reach the peak, you will need to trek through the dense forests and lush green grasslands of the Western Ghats. The hike is moderate and takes about four to five hours. You will also find a few waterfalls and several ghats in the area.

Agumbe is surrounded by the Western Ghats mountains, which contribute to the picturesque scenery. There are also many waterfalls in this area, including the 800-meter-high Jogigundi waterfall. Other waterfalls include Koodlu Theerthra, located 25 km away, and Slimane waterfall, which is forty kilometers away.

The best time to visit Agumbe is during the summer months. The weather is hot and dry during the day but cools down significantly during the monsoon months. Agumbe is renowned for its waterfalls and western ghats, but you may also want to consider a sunset dip in the Arabian Sea.

Visitors to Agumbe should bring appropriate rain gear and insect repellent. The area is prone to leech attacks and tourists should wear anti-leech socks to help protect themselves. If you’re visiting Agumbe during the monsoon season, you can also enjoy rafting down the Sitanadi river. However, it’s advisable to visit the city from October to February because the temperature drops to 18 deg C in winter.

If you have time and energy, you can explore the enchanting nature of Agumbe with the help of a local guide. You can take a picnic at the famous Jogi Gundi, which is just four km from Agumbe on the way to Barkana Falls. It is a deep jungle area where the 25-foot-high Malaprahaari falls. Jogi Gundi gets its name from a saint named Jogi, who used to meditate in the cave near the falls. The hike to this waterfall takes approximately 15 minutes from the town. During the monsoon, the waterfall is most beautiful and serene.

The rainforest in Agumbe is home to endangered species like the lion-tailed macaque, tiger, leopard, and dhole wild dogs. Some many reptiles and amphibians live in the area.

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